Thursday, June 11, 2009

Governor Threatens to Terminate California

Changing the subject never makes the real problem go away. Unfortunately for California, the governor has reduced our fiscal crisis to a theater of the absurd. If the governor doesn’t change course, it’s the people who will lose.

At any moment, I am convinced that the voice of Rod Serling will announce that the State of California is caught “in the Twilight Zone.” That is where the governor is leading us.

If there were ever a time when the governor and the Legislature need to work together, it’s right now. How else can we quickly and responsibly solve our state’s budget crisis?

Instead, the governor is making things worse with late, half-baked budget proposals. The governor has had 4 different May Revision budget proposals, the final details of which he finally managed to get to the Legislature late at night two days ago. That particular proposal affects the financial well being of every city and county in California.

Then, today, the governor initiated a high-stakes game of chicken with the Legislature. He challenged us to adopt his proposals or he’s prepared to shut down the state. On top of this bizarre behavior, he sent a letter to the State Controller stating that he refuses to issue a Revenue Anticipation Warrant (RAW) to “paper over our current budget shortfall.” Well, the Legislature objected to having a RAW within our budget plan months ago. So glad you could join us, governor!

The Legislature is committed to having a budget this month. In fact, Conference Committee will conclude its business early next week and have a budget put on the floor. And, we’ll do that despite the governor’s antics.